In the early morning hours of January 1, 2014, Joe Torrez, a professional mixed martial arts fighter (MMA), was the victim of a violent home invasion by four individuals associated with a local gang. One of the attackers was armed with a homemade shank while another armed himself with a kitchen knife. Also present at Mr. Torrez home that night was his two year old son, his fiance, his fiance's minor sister, and two other females. Explicit and violent threats were made by the attackers to Mr. Torrez and his son. A life or death struggle between Mr. Torrez and his four attackers ensued. When it was over, one of the intruders was dead and another suffered serious facial injuries. Mr. Torrez and his family are alive and well today because Mr. Torrez fought back against a terrible threat.

Mr. Torrez was cooperating with authorities, but that cooperation ended when it became clear that law enforcement was more interested in targeting Mr. Torrez rather than three surviving attackers and any other conspirators. Mr. Torrez is now preparing to fight for his freedom against what would be an unjust charge.

The State of New Mexico has millions of dollars, dozens of prosecuting attorneys, hundreds of law enforcement officers, a crime lab and the ability to retain expert witnesses to build their case. Mr. Torrez is asking the public to help contribute to his defense. Donations are already coming in from all around the world and story has been heard.

Every American has the right to defend their life and the lives of their family.

Please consider donating to Mr. Torrez defense.

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