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Property In A Divorce

Property In A Divorce Who is legally entitled to what? What is community property and separate property?   New Mexico is a community property state. This means that all assets and debts classified as community property will be divided equally between the parties by the Court. This is commonly referred to as “she took half […] Read More

Understanding Custody In The State Of New Mexico – Family Law

Understanding Custody In The State Of New Mexico How is child custody decided in New Mexico? What types of custody exist under family law? In the State of New Mexico, there are two types of custody in family law: Legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to five (5) main areas of concern: Residence, […] Read More

Lawyer and Attorney Alamogordo in NM

Looking for an Attorney in Alamogordo, NM? Finding the right lawyer and attorney in Alamogordo for you is crucial to get a more favorable outcome in many situations. The desert city of Alamogordo is located in south-central New Mexico, about 65 miles away from Las Cruces. Alamogordo is also the economic center of Otero County. [thesis_block type=”tip” […] Read More

Why retaining a good lawyer from the very beginning is important

 Client MMA Fighter Joe Torrez CLEARED of wrongdoing in New Years home invasion! Yesterday was a triumph for Joe Torrez when he was finally cleared by the District Attorney’s office in the New Year’s home invasion.  It was the result we had been fighting for since this case began.  Joe’s case united people around New Mexico, the United States, and […] Read More