Why retaining a good lawyer from the very beginning is important

 Client MMA Fighter Joe Torrez CLEARED of wrongdoing in New Years home invasion!

Yesterday was a triumph for Joe Torrez when he was finally cleared by the District Attorney’s office in the New Year’s home invasion.  It was the result we had been fighting for since this case began.  Joe’s case united people around New Mexico, the United States, and the entire world and we are grateful for the support we received.  The support we received fueled Joe’s defense and helped us carry the fight forward.
Joe’s case exemplifies why retaining a lawyer for representation at the earliest opportunity is critical to a good outcome.
It is highly likely that Joe would have been arrested had he not had his defense team placing themselves between him and the State of New Mexico.  Joe might have spent all this time sitting in jail cell while the State of New Mexico came to the same conclusion that the defense did, that Joe acted in self-defense and did not commit a crime.
It was a great day for the American justice system, but more importantly, it was a great day for our client and his family.
Thank you for your support.
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Dania Gardea

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