Recommended Reading

Divorce/Blended Families:

“Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making two homes for your child” by Isolina Ricci

“Healing Hearts: Helping Children and Adults Recover from Divorce” by Elizabeth Hickey and Elizabeth Dalton

“The Happy Stepmother” by Rachel Katz

“”Keys to Successful Stepfathering” by Carl Pickhardt

“Putting Children First: Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce” by Joann Pedro-Carroll


“Cyberbullying: Activities to Help Children and Teens to Stay Safe in a Texting, Twittering, Social Networking World” by Vanessa Rogers

“Teach Your Children Well: A Parent’s Guide to Encouraging Character and Integrity (Essentials Series Book) by Madelyn Swift and Victoria Mathies

“Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls” by Rachel Simmons

“Hate Hurts: How Children Learn and Unlearn Prejudice” by Caryl Stern-LaRosa and Ellen Hofheimer-Bettman


“1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12” by Thomas Phelan

“The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children” by Ross Greene

“Raising a Happy, Unspoiled Child” by Burton White

“How to Discipline Without Feeling Guilty” by Silberman & Wheelan

“Discipline for Life: Getting it Right with Children” by Madeline Swift


“How It Feels To Be Adopted” by Jill Krementz

“The Connected Child: Bringing Hope & Healing to Your Adoptive Family” by Karen Purvis, David Cross and Wendy Sunshine

Adoptive Families Magazine


Programs & Links


Our Family Wizard – Created by a divorced couple looking for a better way to communicate and exchange information about their kids, Our Family Wizard provides visitation and child custody schedules, calendars, parenting plans, and other co-parenting tools. The web site and app also include links to counseling and legal services.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android
Cost: Free app download but subscription required for use ($99 per parent per year)


2Houses – Again created by co-parents, 2Houses offers a calendar to organize custody and events, share information about school or doctor’s appointments, a photo album, a journal to record notes and important reminders like food allergies or sensitivities, and an expense module to manage child related expenses for both parents.

Platform: Web, iOS
Cost: Free


Kidganizer – Kidganizer is a good option for parents who may not communicate well face to face. This synchronized app allows users to create profiles for each child and input information including scheduling and finances, as well as sending alerts to remind family members of important events like doctor’s visits, parent teacher conferences or ballet recitals. Updates are in real time, so both caregivers have up to date information.

Platform: iOS
Cost: $1.99


Custody Junction – is designed to facilitate custody from before to after the divorce. Through the calendar and tracking features, parents can schedule current and future visitation and support arrangements for up to two years’ in advance, which is a significant help in planning vacations and holidays. Customized reports on visitation, support payments, expenses, and hours spent with child are generated for both parents and can be shared with third parties such as lawyers or court monitors.

Platform: Web
Cost: Free 30 day trial/$47 one year subscription


About One – About One is ideal for accessing paperwork on-the-go, serving as an online file cabinet where you can keep receipts, health information, instructions for caregivers and school reports. Track scheduling, events, paperwork, and emergency contact information and access them at any time.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows
Cost: Free


Skedi – Skedi is a cloud based app that syncs with your current online calendar – Google, Outlook, Yahoo!, or Microsoft Exchange. Manage drop offs, pick-ups, and even assign to other family members so there’s never a doubt about who’s turn it is or who is responsible for getting something done.

Platform: iOS
Cost: $9.99


Cozi – Cozi isn’t designed specifically with co-parenting in mind but is still a valuable tool for parents trying to manage life in two places. Cozi offers an app and web site for managing your family’s calendars, to-do lists, chores, and shopping lists. Add recurring events like soccer practice or tutoring, forward the week’s agenda to family members, and have alerts sent via text or email.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Cost: Free

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